KF10634 KF10634 https://dgduupz79pcvd.cloudfront.net/productimages/vow_premium/l/kf10634.jpg Q-Connect Heavy Duty 18mm Cutter 68BC Tools#Knives & Blades Q Connect 1.32 EUR

Q-Connect Heavy Duty 18mm Cutter 68BC


    Q Connect

    95% Off

    €1.32 (RRP:€25.42)

    • Blades keep their edge for longer
    • Heavy duty Q-Connect cutter with 18mm wide blade
    • Replacement blades are easy to insert
    • Slit for snapping off blunt blades
    • Heavy duty for industrious use
    • Refills available separately (KF10636)


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Product Details
Code KF10634
Unit Individual Items
Blade Size 18mm
Blade Type Snap-Off
Brand Q Connect
Retractable Yes
Type Knives
Green Yes